Saturday, October 30, 2010

Long Time No See

BG[CGM]: 60

I'm having a baby in 3 days.
*clapping* Whoo hooo!!!

I'm so ready for this crazy ride to be OVER.
Diabetes is treating me pretty well. It's a serious roller coaster, but the ups and downs haven't been debilitating. Handling it well with my pump and CGMS.

I feel I need a break from the CGMS, actually. So, though I'll be wearing it for a few weeks post delivery, I look forward to the day when I can take it off and give it a rest. Not forever, because I have come to rely on the little bugger, but just for a couple weeks. Back to the basics. Strip testing actually sounds like fun. LOL :D

I did hook up with a doctor recently. An Endocrinologist who I think is going to be good for me. When I got pregnant I was on the verge of breaking away from my PCP of Internal Medicine for someone more specialized. Lucky me, the CDE at my OB/GYN clinic had a name of someone highly recommended. I have an appointment with him on November 12th. Will keep you posted on how that goes. My fingers are crossed. :D

Otherwise... i'm a bit tired.
And ready to snuggle my new little baby.
Have a great start to November, friends!!!
See you with pictures as soon as I can get back on.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Biggest Loser

BG[CGM]: 43, but don't worry I had a glass of OJ... as a matter of fact, I ate a cookie, too.

So my kids are into Biggest Loser again--and when I said kids, I mean me. :P One of the contestants is from NY, on many pills, and also a type II diabetic who takes...

30 units of insulin at EVERY MEAL!!

Yes, you heard me correctly. I was shocked. Course, this is a big guy. Obviously, he made it onto the Biggest Loser, right? But still, I sorta gasped and thought, wow. That is more insulin that I bolus in a normal/conservative day...

and then I hit the third trimester in this pregnancy. *blush* My bolus average went from 20-30 at the beginning of this great event to now--60-70 units of insulin bolused in a day. EEEK! My breakfast carb to insulin ratio is at 3:1, but really if I don't want a spike, I have to do some math in my head and get 2:1. The pump doesn't offer that option. :/ Bad Minimed!!! :P :D

I have a few weeks left...