Friday, July 31, 2009

Bouncing Around

Did some up and down today. A little frustrating on the mental stability. PMS is sneaking up on me, and I think my body is out of whack. Know it, actually... just ask Matt. We got into it a couple of nights ago. I should have known.

Didn't complete the overnight basal test. Sugar was 169 when I wanted to start. Rules say to have it between 80-140 at the start. More frustrations. I think I will just wait a week or so, then do it.

Though I didn't walk this morning, I took the kids to Forsyth park for the afternoon and we walked and played on the swings. Good activity. The kids are washing the car with Dad while I make dinner... leftover steak... I don't know, PIE? Stew? Too hot!! What do I do with two steaks? LOL

I'll pop in for an end of the night report tonight...
Take care.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Basal Testing

It feels like it's time. I haven't done a basal test in... well, years I'd say. Yikes. Time flies, that's for sure. I don't feel too off, but I do feel as if I'm taking too much insulin, or I wish I were taking less, I should say. :P

Course, this could end up being frustrating, but it's better to make sure my basals are where they should be, RIGHT? Right.

I'll start with the over night levels, eating a decent, lowfat dinner then fasting through the night and checking my BG every two hours. Good luck with that, I tell myself, you'll need it because you sleep like a rock. LOL I'll repeat the test on Friday to make sure the results are comparable.


On a side note, Insurance is such a PITA!!
That's all.

Exercise and Food

Staples to the well-balanced Diabetic life.

This morning, after my pizza induced fat feelings, I walked over a mile (1.5?). That's nothing, I know. Most healthy people run at least twice that in the same amount of time. But as usual, I find myself working back up to exercise. It's a mode my body is used to... the sore muscles of not being used. Heck, I almost got up and did aerobics. That would have been KILLER on my unused legs. Sheesh, the way I'm talking you would think I'm 200+ pounds. I'm not. I'm a slightly overweight 160 pounds.

The exercise is good though, and I feel so much better today already. I had a bowl of cereal, Cheerios, which I could have taken less insulin for because of the walking. Cereal's another food that shoots my glucose up, so if I do eat it, I try to cover. Next time, when I'm exercising, I'll do less. 10:10am -- 41 -- ate a peach and yogurt.

I'm off to change a diaper...
and edit a manuscript...
and revise a sypnopsis...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

End of Day Report

Trying to be consistent, I'll hop on and say this, "I feel crappy today."

Pretty good numbers. High at midday, but part of that is because I never fixed primed the canula and so the pump wasn't delivering insulin for at least an hour or so. There should be a warning beep, sheesh.

Pizza for dinner is always a hazard....

and I'm sitting here looking at my waist line, NOT wondering why it's too large.

I need to do something, like aerobics tomorrow.

....and this is NOT an upbeat post. I guess life isn't always roses [and chocolate cake].

BGM -- 10:20pm -- 101

Starting Numbers--Keeping Track

Lipid Panel
Cholesterol: 189
Triglyceride: 80
LDL (bad): 107
HDL (good): 66.4

Glucose: 129
BUN: 14
Creatinine: 1.0
Sodium: 140 -- a little on the high side but not out of the normal range
Potassium: 4.7
Calcium: 8.8
Alk Phos: 72
SGOT (AST): 33 -- wanna tell me wth this is? apparently mine is high...
SGPT (ALT): 12

A1C: 6.5
TSH: .901

This is as good as it gets today. I have no idea what to blog about. My diabetes has always been a very private thing, well maintained yet never in the forefront. Will I change that now? I don't know. i sat down to blog about how this whole thing came about, and I didn't know what to say...

Go figure.

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