Friday, February 26, 2010


BG[CGM]: 54 -- had a glass of juice

One of the greatest things about having a pump has been the ability to NOT eat. Fasting is a common factor for me and my faith. Even without diabetes, I've never been an AVID faster, but there are during lent when fasting is something I'd like to be able to do. As a diabetic, I'm not obligated. There are always exceptions for example, being pregnant.

As a pumper, I feel I have the freedom for fasting.
Which takes me back to those days when I first got the Minimed insulin pump. I must have lost about 20 pounds in those first months. My eating habits changed unbelievably. Late night snacks, gone. It was a different world for me. The allowance of some simple sugared foods that before I had avoided or ate with much guilt also brought liberation. Seriously big changes for me.

Now, most of the dieting I do, I do in order to stay healthy and maintain an ideal weight. *thumbsup* AND, I can fast if I want to. :)

Thanks Dean Kamen, you totally made my day when you invented the insulin pump--the Segway PT isn't too bad, either. :D

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time Flies

BG[CGM]: 96

BG: 176 -- haven't figured that one out yet, but I'll be keeping an eye on things to see if they don't even out. :D

I can't believe how fast time goes!! The Olympics are half over! February is eight days from ending! SPRING IS JUST A SHORT MONTH AWAY!

10 7 things I love about Spring.
1. flowers
2. baby rabbits
3. green leaves
4. bike riding
5. Easter
6. End of the school year right around the corner
7. Tax refunds

Have a great weekend!


Monday, February 15, 2010


BG[CGM]: 111

Yes, I'm going to start training...
But not like that. -->
As a friend of mine would say, "He has bigger boobs than I do!"

No. I'm going for the 5K. I've been doing 15 minutes of too easy workouts everyday. It's not working... I mean, I feel a little better, but I want to look better and feel GREAT! I've been on my treadmill twice this weekend [it's lying. it really is when it says I've done a mile in 20 minutes! haha]. I've downloaded a training schedule and I'm hoping my measly practice with the 15 minutes a day will keep my head out of my ass on this venture...

Oh, and no pizza or ice cream anymore, either! I ate both of those over the weekend. Talk about feeling crappy... don't get me wrong. I enjoyed every bite of it, but it's no surprise that I'm feeling down[ish]. :D [The diabetes has waged well against my eating habits this weekend, and for that, I'm grateful.]

Plus, I've still got that wedding to go to in June. Whoot! Kitty Hawk here we come. If I lose 30 pounds, i'm rewarding myself with a new dress....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day is Coming

BG: 73

I love chocolate. Really love it likes it's the best thing that ever came from a bean.... well, no. Second to coffee. Or even better, coffee and chocolate together. The two best beans EVER!

...and I'm a diabetic. So I take it in small doses--usually.

Is Valentine's Day hard for me? No. I think holidays like this probably used to stink. I grew up in the if-you-eat-that-you'll-die era. My parents were probably on the easy-going side. I remember a gal who lived with military strictness in regard to her diabetes. Eeek.

Nowadays, when I look at chocolate, I see fat--not high blood sugars. And that's enough for me to steer clear.

Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday for me because I'm married to the love of my life and have four beautiful children whom I love.... I can't beat that. We're going to all see a movie that day, come home for dinner, then [apparently] Matt has a Yummy Surprise for everyone. Hmm. I wonder!!! :D

Enjoy your weekend.
Have a wonderful Loved-filled Holiday.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


BG[CGM]: 119
BG: 144

I read the About page on the page, a company that makes medic alert tags and some other helpful stuff for diabetics. The woman who owns the company is a mother of three. She has a sister with Type I diabetes, a son who was diagnosed at 13 months and another son diagnosed later. CRAZY!

Does this worry me? Yes. It does. I hate to think the people I love will have to deal with the same stuff I do... on the other hand, better my kids than some unsuspecting fool! Right? Could I be a help? Would it just be one more parental chain around a growing kid's neck?

Maybe, maybe not. Diabetes is a rough road--and I know at least one of my kids who would think he had died if he couldn't eat sweets whenever he wanted to [knock on wood]--not that I let him now... haha.

I realize God knows how much we can handle, but in my human frailty, I would question his accuracy if that did happen.

Tricky disease stay away from mine!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Roller Coaster Trips

BG[CGM]: 163

Travelled to Michigan this weekend. We are so blessed! The weather was FABULOUS. We left our hometown drenched in a freezing rain, drove two hours to sunshine and dry roads. Enjoyed a clear weekend with friends and family, then came home only to drive straight back into blizzard-like weather. :P I shoveled the drive this morning. 30 minutes of hard work.

One thing, though. I've never had so much trouble with my diabetes on a road trip! When I upload my pump and sensor data to my computer it's going to be like an awesome Cedar Point roller coaster! Up and down, never stopping. Ugh! I'm still on the high end today and that is irritating me even more because I'm eating normal, I'm doing normal activities... where's the love?!

Couple of things. Food. I didn't eat well over the weekend. I felt enlightened after watching my friend's husband make his own beer. He started the process by boiling wheat...then adding hops and malt and coriander and...the best, some kind of cornsyrup!

First things first, this was the best beer I've ever tasted. I enjoyed a glass from his previous brew and it was rich. So rich. So yummy. Thick... and after watching him make it, I added about thirty more carbs for that glass. :D When I drink, I usually go for the light beer. And now I'm curious how they make the light beer. I'll have to put in a request!

So, anyway Pizza at the Superbowl party. Another yum.
It was an incredibly eating weekend. I enjoyed myself, enjoyed the company...and need to do extra workouts this week to make up for it. Next time, we'll have to visit on a NON-occasion weekend. Maybe that will help, eh?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


BG[CGM]: 160

Alzheimers runs in my family, so I know that possibility is there...

But there are times when I wonder if it's not Alzheimers, it's a loose mouth. :D Matt is often exasperated because I will ask him the same question three times in any number of hours. For example, What are you doing tomorrow? Then again later that day, So, what are you doing tomorrow? Finally, I'm likely to ask the next morning, what are you doing today?

I had a moment today when I thought to myself, are you just running your mouth without thinking? If you really thought about the question, would you find you know the answer? I was sitting down to lunch and, half talking to myself, said "What will we have for dinner?" But I know what we're having for dinner! I had just been talking about it with Matt because he was eating it for LUNCH! I just didn't think.

By the way, we're having turkey potpie, which is GREAT except I made the pie filling last night, and since then three people have dipped into the pot... so my pie is a little shallow. ;-) haha!

I think I'm going to try to think more. Good plan, huh? LOL
Had a pretty crappy D day, with highs and a sensor error two times... ugh. I think I'm doing better now. I had to change my infusion site, and from now on I think I will just avoid that area on the side of my gluteous maximus. It never absorbs well there and I end up with highs.