Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bolus Delivery

BG: 53
CGM: 55 <-- do you see what I mean about a working transmitter and decent freaking trends? LOL :D I think I'm lucky because my trending is so even keel. Except for the occasional spike or dip, my BGs roll, meaning even when I rise, I usually take some time to do it. When I go low, same thing... That helps the CGM readings stay closer to BG levels. Anyhoo. I'm eating too much at bedtime. I need to eat too much, I should say. Not sure how to mess with my doses, just yet, but for sure, I'll be lowering some dinner time basals.

I wanted to touch on my Bolus Delivery. I love my pump, you know that. It has three different delivery types for whenever I eat. A normal gives me my entire dose at one time. A square gives me the dose over a period of X minutes. And the dual delivers both--normal and square. I've learned to LOVE this feature. High fat foots do not allow sugars to be absorbed as easily, so I know eating a steak or a couple peices of pizza are going to give me more of a spike later. And wahlah! now I can take a square bolus and get insulin coverage for a longer period of time.

I'll have to do some research and questioning when I see my MM rep next Friday, because I was thinking tonight... if I use a square bolus for my bagel, will that allow me to cover my food without going too much lower than I already am? Do you see what I mean? I don't want to eat an entire bagel adn NOT bolus, but when my sugar gets this low, I hate to bolus at all until I feel better.

I'm tired though. and ready for bed... and I know that I ate enough, because not only did I eat that bagel that I square bolused for, I drank a glass of orange juice[<--the other reason I dont' want to go to bed without bolusing. High alert in another hour!!] Well, thanks for listenign to be ramble tonight.
Have a great day tomorrow.
With Love,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


BG[CGM]: 89 -- new transmitter has made a WORLD of difference. :D I'm keeping up my 15 minutes of exercise a day. And overall, I can't complain about how diabetes is treating me. Life is good.

Last night I sat down to watch Castle with my hubby. A short 60 minute program on ABC. I say short, because you know how those networks are always cutting a minute from the front and back of the hour. You know what was worse? Seven, yes SEVEN commercial breaks, three at five minutes long and four at about 2-3 minutes. I went to bed just plain discouraged. What is the world coming to? Twenty years ago, I would watch an hour episode of Macgyver and actually watch 48 minutes of programming. Today, we're lucky to get thirty-five minutes. 35!!!

Being so disgusted last night, I was blessed to witness something today. While shopping at my local Aldi store for the weekly shopping, I got in line and saw a woman. I didn't notice she was upset at first. Then, as I moved closer, I heard the cashier telling her that the man in line after her had paid for her groceries while she had stepped aside to call someone because her card wasn't working. The woman looked confused at first, and the cashier had to repeat herself. As I finished being rung up, the woman was on her cell phone and she was crying--probably because an angel had visited her. I was really touched and I imagine that she was too.

My point is, sometimes when I can't figure out what the world is coming to, God shows me.
Have a great week.

Monday, January 25, 2010


BG: 79
[CGM]: Above 400 -- shouldn't this thing fix itself??? *scratching head* maybe I broke it with my quick rise this morning to 220. That seemed to push it over the edge and now I can't calibrate it until it's compatible.

My husband is still wondering if this CGM thing is worth it. I still think so. We're adjusting. *shrug*

I'm keeping my 15 minutes of exercise a day up. Yay! It's probably not enough to take any of my unwanted weight off, but it feels good, and really all I have the motivation for at this point. Winter is sure getting to me this year. :P Even the kids are starting to wish for warmer weather. Yucky weather or not, we're all looking forward to a nice trip to Michigan soon. We'll visit friends and family. Just being out of the house will help. Pray for safe travels--and GOOD WEATHER!

I'm on the verge of getting more involved in the diabetes community. It's taken me 22 years to figure out how wonderful the support can be. I never had it as a kid, and didn't know the extent of it until now... weird huh? It is weird. I wish things had been different. Realistically, with a move coming up, I can't commit to too much... Still, I feel it's a good idea. So, tell me. Do you belong to the Diabetes Association near you? Do you find stuff to do with your local JDRF? What is your favorite aspect of being part of your local diabetes community?

THANKS for sharing.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


BG: 115

So, this is totally off diabetes topic, but I can't help but share with my few blogger friends on Living with It. I got a request from an agent for my completed manuscript, Shake the Sugar Tree. :D I'm so nervous and excited at the same time.

It feels good to have worked so hard on something for so long and to finally have someone read my blurb and think, "huh, that could be interesting." Eeeek! I know, I know. Calm down, lady. it's just a partial request. She wants to see 30 pages. BUT OMGosh! She wants to see 30 PAGES of words that I WROTE!

I just got a little teary there again... *sniff*
thanks for coming here and sharing with me.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


BG [CGM]: 79

I've started my task of finding an educator for my kids. Actually, I restarted my task... I did try last fall and didn't succeed. All of a sudden, Matt is getting ready and has a tentative date for Basic Training [if he passes all the interview requirements]. It's becoming a reality before my very eyes. :D And that means getting to the nitty-gritty. First and foremost--EDUCATE THE KIDS.

After that... I don't know. Pray. Lots of prayer and preparation. I guess I'm getting a little nervous. Not for me! I think my diabetes will be closer to the bottom...okay middle, of the concern list. My pump and CGMS has really helped me even out and feel more confident.

The changes will be intense, but I think the adventure of starting something new is also exciting. You know me! Itchy feet! I've already lived in seven different states, four of those after I was married. The hardest part of the new venture will be the separation. Let's not ignore the elephant, right? Matt is a buffer in this house. He's the peacemaker [except for when we're fighting. ;-) haha] and most times, the fun instigator.

I think when people hear me say, "This will be exciting," they must think I don't really understand what's to come. But I don't agree. I have an imagination that rivals any great author's, one that helps me see the worst. Fortunately, Matt and I aren't willing to cowtow to the fear.

Ignorance isn't bliss, that's fake.
Knowing the risk, trusting God and jumping anyway... phew. That's the thrill of life.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jumping Jacks

BG[CGM]: 194 (and rising!!!) Over a teaspoon of brownsugar in my oatmeal?!?!?! ARGH. ...okay, fine. Whatever. No brownsugar in my oatmeal from now on. :P

I can't do 2 minutes of jumping jacks.
It sounds crazy to me. If you had asked me before I started on this Wii Fitness craze, I would have said "Yes, I can." I'm active and 2 minutes seems short.

It's NOT!!

Holy mackeral. The Wii wanted me to record my resting pulse then my pulse after exercising. Yikes. After a minute I ended up waving my arms while I ran in place. By the time I was finished, I was breathing so hard and loud, I couldn't hear to feel my pulse.... yes, I said that. Why does it need to be quiet to FEEL your pulse? :D

Here's to improvement! Cheers!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A day to myself

BG[CGM]: 108

Tomorrow is Monday and my hubby is off for St. Louis with the youngest, which means I'm home alone!! Until mid afternoon, I'll have the house to myself. :D :D :D

Time to exercise, to straighten, to read, to write! Write! Yay! A good six hours.... *sigh*

Are you a diabetic? Do you get time alone? Does your family worry with each occasion? So...what do we do to safeguard?

1) eat at regular intervals!
2) check often!
3) stay in contact with friends and family.

I'm looking forward to a day filled with peace and contemplation. ;-)
We all deserve it--diabetic or not.
Take care!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lots of Snow

BG[CGM]: 62, will partake a small snack.

It's not that I can't believe the snow. I mean, it's winter and I live in the midwest. I expect snow. Unfortunately, this is the first winter on record [mine, like the permanent one from elementary school] I have ever wished to live somewhere warmer. By some freak shift in my personality, I was not looking forward to the cold, the snow, winter at its best.

What I'm saying is, you have me to blame for this frigid spell because me and Murphy? We're like this . Buds, compadres, amigos... :D

Diabetes is looking good. I've had a few bumps with my sensor. Nothing too trying, just a technical foul--so to speak. The rep and I are going to figure it out... is it the pump? the transmitter? or the sensor? Only time will tell.
Stay safe on those roads!
Take care,

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Sugar Addict's Blog

My sister found this and I thought it was GREAT Vlogging for diabetics and [obviously] NONdiabetics, too.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

BG: 201
CGM: 189

The first day of the rest of my life:
Went to church.
Ate a little too much[overall].
Made an apple pie.
Did NOT eat the ice cream.
Cooked my first venison roast of the year[and last year, too].
Played with the kids.
Changed my infusion site.
Tested my glucose about 5 times.
Entered a writing contest.
Worked on a manuscript.
Bed early!!!

Lose 30 pounds this year.