Saturday, December 10, 2011


That's what I call my new doctor's office. OMG. I've never met anyone so confident and liking of himself. :P I haven't decided I'm keen on it. I'm not at all impressed by his expectations... on the other hand, he doesn't really know me yet, so perhaps he just needs some time to acknowledge my goals.

We shall see.
My A1c was 6.4, a far cry from the 5.7 I was in May. I'm not too happy about that even though the doctor seems to think it's good. He doesn't "use" the sensor as a regular part of the diabetes regimen. That worries me a little, especially since I do use one and I LIKE IT!

Christmas is almost on us, and I am enjoying the season.

LIGHTS, inside! I love the tree shining in my front window. And this year, I've got them drapped on the fireplace mantel, too. It's looks soooo nice.

Take care!