Monday, March 29, 2010

Taking Breaks

BG: 70

I ended my CGMS sensor and thought I'd wait to put a new one in. I ran out of tape. :P Wow, it's nice having the continuous look at what my sugars are doing. Within hours off the sensor, I was over 230 after an afternoon eating excursion I'd forgotten to bolus for--if I'm going to forget, it's going to be in the afternoon when the kids are just home from school and life seems a little more hectic. In any case, with my CGMS I would have had a 170 warning that would have reminded me I was off. Big pluses for the CGMS, whether you have a Minimed or a Dexcom. :D

On another note. I cleaned windows today and NICE TO SEE YOU, SPRING! Yikes, those things get dirty during the winter months, don't they? Ick. :D

Have a great week, Friends.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally seeing some results!

BG[CGM]: Below 40, the meter says 38

It is pretty low right now. Ugh. But I've drank juice and eaten, so it's a waiting game now.

I wanted to share that after two months of consistent exercise, I'm finally down ten pounds. I weighed in at 150 today.... YIPPEE!!!! I was jumping up and down and screaming and yelling. Now, I've got a tear in my eye, but that could be more the low sugar speaking than the actual emotion. :D

Thanks for hanging with me as I fight to stay healthy.
With Love,

Friday, March 19, 2010

Still Moving

BG[CGM]: 180 <-- sometimes I do stupid things, like forget to bolus. *eyeroll*

It's been three and a half weeks since I started my 5K training schedule. I've found that running takes a lot! I'm also proud to say, I've kept moving [this is to say, I'm not exactly always running] during that entire time, and before these scheduled weeks, I was doing some cross training [aerobics and stuff]. I've learned that I like to walk fast, that I'd much rather walk fast and keep up a sweat longer, than to try to run. When I run, I go a shorter distance and for a shorter time, too. :P Today was a rest day, but I did a mile anyway. It felt good.

In a related story...

Last night I left the house on a trip to the library. I made it ALMOST to the Wendy's [about 2ish miles?] and ran out of gas. Did you know, NO ONE HAS A PAY PHONE ANYMORE!!! Not Wendy's, not McDonald's. And me? I'm one of the last hold-outs. I don't own a cell phone. So, I walked about one mile to a friend's house--isn't it nice having friends? :D She drove me home. It wasn't that bad, and I wasn't even mad. I should have remembered that I needed gas, not becuase the gauge was on low. No, our dashboard zonked out weeks ago, but because I knew it had abeen a while since gas was put in there. I think I just felt lucky that I hadn't run out of gas that morning when I was driving 4 kindergarteners and their teacher to the PO for a fieldtrip. Can you imagine?!!?!? that would have been horrifyingly embarrassing!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sick Days

BG[CGM]: 86

I have a sick kid!!! Ugh. After a night with the Girl Scouts [more on that in a sec], Hubby decided we'd celebrate by going to breakfast. A nice Sunday brunch at The Restaurant in Warrensburg. I got home and my youngest son was acting a little off--tired. But he'd been up late, so lying on the living room floor for forty minutes was only suspiciously off. When he got up to go, my brain said, "he looks a little pale, Bethanne." But no, I convinced myself he was just tired. His cold was getting him down; he's been congested for a little while.

About ten minutes after the waitress brought our food, my youngest puked all over himself and his plate.

We hurriedly fled the scene. He lounged around all day, lethargic. Eight thirty rolls around, and all of a sudden he wants water... then crackers... and now he's eating noodle soup. And he won't shut up! LOL :D He does love to talk.

Back to the Girl Scouts sleep over. I was just very glad not to have any hypo episodes and have to explain that crazy screeching noise that was coming from my abdomen. Phew. It was a little low when I woke up, but not bad, and nothing the CGMS picked up.

Have a great week everyone!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary

BG[CGM]: 85

eleven years ago today, I got married. Happy Anniversary, Matt.

Thanks for being such a great support, for learning who I am and how my diabetes changes me. I wish all married diabetics someone just like you.

Love you.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Slipping Away

BG[CGM]: 111

Time is slipping by so quickly! Spring is even closer than it was a few weeks ago. :D I'm dancing in my head. I'm singing in the rain. I'm just soooo darn happy that it's March.

I'm utilizing two basal patterns on my pump. Wow, it's so awesome. This thing really does alot more than I've given it credit for in the past. Thanks to my minimed rep, I'm slowly learning. It's about time, too.

I've got a busy month... girl scout lock-in, anniversary, dental appointments--I HAVE MY FIRST CAVITY!!!! 33 years, and I'm out of the club. Darn. :( I can't believe it. I thought I would be cavity free my whole life.

I guess that just shows how silly I am. :D

Monday, March 1, 2010

More Basal Testing

BG[CGM]: 150

This is night ONE for basal testing. I ate dinner and will fast through the night in order to get some good readings on my sugar levels. They are NOT holding steady as they were a month ago! Oh, the frustration of Diabetes. Grr... I also have plans to get with an endocrinologist. I know, you're probably thinking, "what? you don't see one already?" *eyeroll*

It's okay. I have a really GREAT doctor, who is confident in me and my abilities. He listens to me, knowing that I'm the more experienced person. Believe me, that's rare. OTOH, he is also willing to let someone else help, which is why I'll be contacting the endocrinologist soon. HOpefully, she can shed some light on the variable basal rates thing.

On a lighter and much happier note, I'm planning a trip to NYC with a girlfriend of mine. I'm soooo excited!
Have a great week, my friends.