Saturday, June 19, 2010

Diabetes on the Go

BG[CGM]: 77

After two weeks on the road, I am soooo happy to be home! I found my diabetes was managable. I had some what-the moments, but over all that was to be expected. Weddings, days at the beach, eating out... it gets tiring to have to be so aware of everything that could possibly effect my diabetes. Checking often and eating moderately was worth the effort, though. :D Me and my shoebox full of supplies made it home--happy and healthy.

I'm halfway through my pregnancy [well, almost halfway, but it just sounds so nice, doesn't it???]. The baby is moving a ton but too small to make me uncomfortable. I have an appointment on Monday and expect I'll find everything is normal.

have a great week all you friends out there. Enjoy the sunshine!!


phonelady said...

Oh so glad you are home and welcome back to blogger . so glad you are half way through your pregnancy . I want you to have a good wk and take care .

Kaitake said...

Nearly halfway! That's so cool! Glad to hear the trip went well and you're all safe'n'sound! :D