Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hiding Food

BG[CGM]: 286 Argh. It's cookie exchange day, and though I haven't had a cookie since 3pm, my sugars are still WAY OUT OF WHACK!

Speaking of cookies, I always chuckle when I hear stories about parents who have hidden sweets from their diabetic children. It's true, though. Even my parents must have done it. It was their way of protecting me and loving me, too. I have to to admit, if one of my children were diagnosed with diabetes, I would probably stop buying cookies and sweets all together. In my heart, I know that isn't fair to the rest of the kids, but I also know my kids, and I would be so afraid that the temptation would be so hard. :(

The funny thing about hiding food is that my husband and I used to do it with kids who AREN'T diabetic. I remember when our oldest was about 2. Matt and I stood at the counter, with our backs to the living area, and we each ate from the cookie stash [yes, this was pre-pump days. what a nightmare!]. At the first hint of movement from behind us, we were stuffing the last bit into our mouth and quickly reshelving the package.

Even more ironically than that is the fact that I now have to hide my healthy food from the family [and when I say family, i mean MATT!]. The nuts I buy--gone before I know it. I've been considering buying a thing of natural peanut butter [the sugar content is sooo darn high in the regular stuff], but first I have to find a place to hide it. The regular NOT lowfat yogurt?? Fuhgetaboutit. :P :D

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