Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year Count Down

BG[cgm]: 114

The New Year is sprinting towards me. Though I dare not make any official resolutions, I always have something I'm working on. I'm pre-prenancy weight all ready, which is awesome!! Now I just need to get to my pre-third-kid pregnancy weight. Hahaha. At 155, I could stand to lose a few pounds still.

As a diabetic, weight loss can often be difficult. I know I've struggled with my middle for years. I'm not looking for a miracle. I wouldn't even mind the middle if I wasn't still sitting at 155. So, I'll continue in that vein until I'm happy--could be a month [not likely] or a year or two!

Also, I've gone on a low[er] carb diet in the last couple of weeks [excluding Christmas of course]. I'm much happier now. I find my sugar swings are not as drastic. My insulin intake is WAY lower than it was immediately following the birth of my daughter [when I was still averaging about 240g CHO a day!!]. When I realized how much I was still eating, I was floored. ha! Stop EATING! :D

Anyhoo... the baby is doing wonderfully yet she's the most high-maintenance baby I've had so far. Likes to be held ALL THE TIME. So, outside of daily living skills, i'm not sure what kind of goals to make for the new year.
How about you?
You got anything on your plate for the New Year?

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