Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dulldrum Diabetes

I started getting bored recently. It happens. We do the same things everyday. We test our sugar. We download our CGM results. We go to the doctor. We eat. It gets boring. So I started putzing around online to see what was new on the market. Any new pumps or devices that would spice up my dulldrum diabetes life?

And I found a few things.

Animas and Dexcom are still claiming a combined device... really?! After all these years. People just keep hanging on that story and waving and cheering every time it pops back up on the webosphere. It's exciting, or it was three years ago. But seriously... if Minimed can do it, how come they can't? If it's a device that, in theory, has already been approved by the FDA for Minimed, how come it's taking so long to be approved? Is it that different?

And then I found The Enlite. The newest sensor technology from Minimed. I'm drooling. I'm excited.

....I wish I lived in the UK or Australia. :(

The Enlite looks smaller than the Dexcom. It goes in at a 90 degree angle and it's only 9mm. It has an auto shut off for hypoglycemia. And it'll be paired with the newest model of the pump... no word on any specifics there, but hopefully, if anything, the darn thing has louder beeps. That's the only downside of the Minimed that I perceive.

I'm excited and I wish, just once that someone would speak up about how far along in the process the FDA is in approving this new model of the CGMS. I was on the FDA webpage today and you know what I learned? They've spent some time figuring out that they need to change their systems. It's sort of a downer to find out that the FDA is deep in the process of changing their regulations for device pre-market approval.

Sure, do they need to change something? YES! Countries all over the world are way ahead of us. We're being babied by our Nanny government while other patients in other countries are getting the newest technology. So, hopefully these new processes and new regulations for pre-market approval will HELP. And not have been a waste of precious research time.

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