Wednesday, August 3, 2011

La Dee Da and Lovin' Life

That's a little bit how I feel right now.
La dee da... doot da doo.

Also, I actually went off my pump for 48 hours this week. It's been... more than seven years since I've had that thing in, somewhere, attached to my body, dosing me with insulin all day long. And finally, I said to myself, "you need a backup." and "You need an alternative."

Back to Lantus I went for 48 hours.

You know when you change your shampoo and conditioner and all of a sudden your hair feels sooo smooth and silky?  That's how this was.  I had the best BG readings in two days than I've had in three weeks. :? I also felt oddly free. I love my pump, don't get me wrong, but not having it on for a while was unbelievably thrilling. I look forward to taking a few breaks here and there in the future. And why not, right?

There's no reason for life to get boring. :D
Oh! and I'm moving to GA in about a month or two. No set date, but my husband's been there since the end of January and now it's finally my turn. Yay!!!!
Take care fellow bloggers,


phonelady said...

hey girl good to see you back on here wow ga huh ? well listen to this Im moving to south carolina in spring 2012 . Is that not ironic? I mean you live in illnois now right and I live in Ohio . we two midwestern girls are gonna show them southerners a thing or two . Where in Ga ? take care dear and have a great week . Btw last time we talked you were still pregnant that is how long it has been LOL !!!

Bethanne said...

Too crazy! My daughter turned 9 months TWO DAYS AGO!!! NINE MONTHS!!

Wow. What a shame that I haven't been better about staying in touch. Thank you so much for stopping by anyway. :D

I can't believe it. SC, huh? We'll be neighbors...or neighboring states, anyway. haha. I'll be on the western border of GA at Fort Benning. Seems like you just moved to OH from FL. :D

Dr. Laurence Brown said...

Small changes in life style can make the life easier and excited. Thank you for the post.