Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BG[CGM]: 147 (and rising) "Remind me not to eat those gingerbread cookies anymore," I said to my hubby, Matt as he walked by. :P

FROM dLife Newsletter heading:
Yes! To Cookies
These sugar free (and gluten free) treats come in Strawberry-Banana Blitz and Cocoa-Liscious. This week, save $1.00. Just $9.99 for a package of 10. Go shopping now...

I know! 11 bucks for 10 cookies?!?!?! Seriously, people. This is why I don't buy sugar free. I suppose I could get used to the difference in taste. I do drink diet Coke without a problem. But the price difference is just ungodly! Sheesh. It's almost like a punishment. So, eat well. Eat healthy. And do it without those COOKIES!

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phonelady said...

I so know what you mean . I hate it cause the cost of sugar free is so messy . Oh well have a nice one .