Monday, March 29, 2010

Taking Breaks

BG: 70

I ended my CGMS sensor and thought I'd wait to put a new one in. I ran out of tape. :P Wow, it's nice having the continuous look at what my sugars are doing. Within hours off the sensor, I was over 230 after an afternoon eating excursion I'd forgotten to bolus for--if I'm going to forget, it's going to be in the afternoon when the kids are just home from school and life seems a little more hectic. In any case, with my CGMS I would have had a 170 warning that would have reminded me I was off. Big pluses for the CGMS, whether you have a Minimed or a Dexcom. :D

On another note. I cleaned windows today and NICE TO SEE YOU, SPRING! Yikes, those things get dirty during the winter months, don't they? Ick. :D

Have a great week, Friends.


phonelady said...

I hope to confirm that this will be my last full week in florida . we are planning on april 7th as the move date . I hope it works out . Im so glad that you are doing so well and love it that the cgms is doing so well for you . Have a wonderful week .

Dani Collins said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog. I'm guessing the sugar's spiked because saying hi to this newbie was such a sweet thing to do :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Breaks are good. But I too often feel so ... uninformed (?) when I don't have mine on.