Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sick Days

BG[CGM]: 86

I have a sick kid!!! Ugh. After a night with the Girl Scouts [more on that in a sec], Hubby decided we'd celebrate by going to breakfast. A nice Sunday brunch at The Restaurant in Warrensburg. I got home and my youngest son was acting a little off--tired. But he'd been up late, so lying on the living room floor for forty minutes was only suspiciously off. When he got up to go, my brain said, "he looks a little pale, Bethanne." But no, I convinced myself he was just tired. His cold was getting him down; he's been congested for a little while.

About ten minutes after the waitress brought our food, my youngest puked all over himself and his plate.

We hurriedly fled the scene. He lounged around all day, lethargic. Eight thirty rolls around, and all of a sudden he wants water... then crackers... and now he's eating noodle soup. And he won't shut up! LOL :D He does love to talk.

Back to the Girl Scouts sleep over. I was just very glad not to have any hypo episodes and have to explain that crazy screeching noise that was coming from my abdomen. Phew. It was a little low when I woke up, but not bad, and nothing the CGMS picked up.

Have a great week everyone!!

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phonelady said...

oh no sick kid and girl scouts oh my , you have had quite the weekend havent you ? boy oh boy hope your week is better .