Friday, March 19, 2010

Still Moving

BG[CGM]: 180 <-- sometimes I do stupid things, like forget to bolus. *eyeroll*

It's been three and a half weeks since I started my 5K training schedule. I've found that running takes a lot! I'm also proud to say, I've kept moving [this is to say, I'm not exactly always running] during that entire time, and before these scheduled weeks, I was doing some cross training [aerobics and stuff]. I've learned that I like to walk fast, that I'd much rather walk fast and keep up a sweat longer, than to try to run. When I run, I go a shorter distance and for a shorter time, too. :P Today was a rest day, but I did a mile anyway. It felt good.

In a related story...

Last night I left the house on a trip to the library. I made it ALMOST to the Wendy's [about 2ish miles?] and ran out of gas. Did you know, NO ONE HAS A PAY PHONE ANYMORE!!! Not Wendy's, not McDonald's. And me? I'm one of the last hold-outs. I don't own a cell phone. So, I walked about one mile to a friend's house--isn't it nice having friends? :D She drove me home. It wasn't that bad, and I wasn't even mad. I should have remembered that I needed gas, not becuase the gauge was on low. No, our dashboard zonked out weeks ago, but because I knew it had abeen a while since gas was put in there. I think I just felt lucky that I hadn't run out of gas that morning when I was driving 4 kindergarteners and their teacher to the PO for a fieldtrip. Can you imagine?!!?!? that would have been horrifyingly embarrassing!


phonelady said...

oh wow I have been there and girl get a cell phone they are great they really are and yes there are no more pay phones because everyone has a cell phone now , also when you first start training you are supposed to buy new running shoes or walking shoes !! it is supposed to be for good luck .

Becca said...

Good job on the running, but I think you need a phone! :) Situations like this are okay but it's much safer to have one. Well, that's my two cents anyway.