Friday, August 13, 2010

School's Back in Session

BG[CGM]: 78

Somehow, the idea of a schedule brings a smile to my face. The kids need it, I need it. Whoot! Next week, we get back into it. Early mornings, late afternoon homework sessions, allotted TV and Wii times. Order, or a sense of it, anyway.

In case you're curious, I'm 26 weeks along today. And as I've gone as early as 37 weeks before, I like to think I have about ten weeks left. *wink* :D It's all about positive perspective, right? I've found my insulin resistance to be confounding! The funniest [or ironicest] part is that no one ever even said those words to me in four previous pregnancies. Sure, adjusting my insulin was still part of the deal, but I can NOT believe how much knowledge comes in a small battery operated transmitter. There's no way I had control over this like I do now. I'm still in awe even after 26 weeks. :D I cannot recommend the CGMS and pump combination enough, especially for pregnancy.

In other news, my hubby is now employed by the US Army and is officially on the reserves list until he goes to Basic Training in January. How blessed for us that he will be here for the new baby and Christmas...not to mention the six months for the kids to let his absence sink in. I want to soak up all this time we have, soak up his presence, him. Lots of pictures are the order of the season. :D Lots of hugs and kisses and snuggling and wrestling--for the kids. *wink* LOL

Every thing in life makes a mark on how my disease is managed. There's a learning curve for each new situation. I would love to hear of any other diabetics out there who spend a significant amount of time without their spouses.
Have a great weekend,

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