Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Hesitant Guest

BG[CGM]: 92

For the first a long time, I went to someone's house and felt obligated to eat.  That's never happened to be before.  My diabetes wasn't a secret to the host, yet I still felt like I couldn't/shouldn't say no.  Part of that has to do with my new diet.  Trying to stay low carb has been hard for me.  1) Meat is way more expensive than starch  2) I crave the carbs.  And Friday I visited a friend who served a yummy casserole and a banana cake, which, btw, was YUMMY.  But I left feeling a tad bit crappy.  Weirdly, I felt I would have done better with just the cake.  Add in the casserole, with only God knows what hidden carbs... i.e. fake cheese, and I felt a little lost.  I bolused, of course, but it wasn't enough.

And I left thinking, "From now on I'll just eat at home and save myself the hassle."

But I do love a good visit!!  So, I can't give them up.  :D  Oh well.  it's a battle I will continue to fight.

Enjoy the new week, friends.
With Love,


Kelly said...

I'm newly diagnosed, but I often feel the need to eat what's given to me. I don't try to eat low-carb or anything, though. But I still try to eat healthy and take a low to moderate amount of mealtime insulin. It always bugs me a little when I go to someone's house and they say something like, "we didn't make anything with sugar, because we knew you were coming." And what's on the table is something like a bowl of dinner rolls, spaghetti, salad with croutons, and baked beans. I feel like telling them I would have been better off with some cake, haha.

Bethanne said...

welcome to diabetes!!! Your comment made me laugh. Too true. And on the flip side, I don't like it when people try to make things "diabetic" because then I end up with not so great tasting food that is supposed to be good for me. :P :D It's a mine-field!
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