Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stress and Numbers

BG[CGM]: 88

I had thought my sugars were out of control. That I was in need of another round of basal adjustments. Then my husband left for basic training and wahlaah... even steven. :) So, I deduce... a week or two of anticipation, some anxiety and wee bit of excitement, and too much eating out will make sugars unpredictable. :P

Lovin' the new life.
I hope as I get into a new groove, I can keep up with this blog better.

Love to all in this new year.
Take care,


Jeff Rivera said...

I can very much related to what you're trying to say Bethanne. However, try to keep away from sugary delights and sweets in general. It could prove beneficial in the long run. Try some organic stuff instead ;) Remember : Life breathes life.

Laurence Brown said...

Congrats for keeping away from sugar. This will keep you healthy. Keep it up!