Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Starting Numbers--Keeping Track

Lipid Panel
Cholesterol: 189
Triglyceride: 80
LDL (bad): 107
HDL (good): 66.4

Glucose: 129
BUN: 14
Creatinine: 1.0
Sodium: 140 -- a little on the high side but not out of the normal range
Potassium: 4.7
Calcium: 8.8
Alk Phos: 72
SGOT (AST): 33 -- wanna tell me wth this is? apparently mine is high...
SGPT (ALT): 12

A1C: 6.5
TSH: .901

This is as good as it gets today. I have no idea what to blog about. My diabetes has always been a very private thing, well maintained yet never in the forefront. Will I change that now? I don't know. i sat down to blog about how this whole thing came about, and I didn't know what to say...

Go figure.

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