Tuesday, July 28, 2009

End of Day Report

Trying to be consistent, I'll hop on and say this, "I feel crappy today."

Pretty good numbers. High at midday, but part of that is because I never fixed primed the canula and so the pump wasn't delivering insulin for at least an hour or so. There should be a warning beep, sheesh.

Pizza for dinner is always a hazard....

and I'm sitting here looking at my waist line, NOT wondering why it's too large.

I need to do something, like aerobics tomorrow.

....and this is NOT an upbeat post. I guess life isn't always roses [and chocolate cake].

BGM -- 10:20pm -- 101

1 comment:

Redheadmamaof7boys said...

ok , you started this BLOG in JULY and I just found out about it THIS WEEK? How weird is that?!