Friday, July 31, 2009

Bouncing Around

Did some up and down today. A little frustrating on the mental stability. PMS is sneaking up on me, and I think my body is out of whack. Know it, actually... just ask Matt. We got into it a couple of nights ago. I should have known.

Didn't complete the overnight basal test. Sugar was 169 when I wanted to start. Rules say to have it between 80-140 at the start. More frustrations. I think I will just wait a week or so, then do it.

Though I didn't walk this morning, I took the kids to Forsyth park for the afternoon and we walked and played on the swings. Good activity. The kids are washing the car with Dad while I make dinner... leftover steak... I don't know, PIE? Stew? Too hot!! What do I do with two steaks? LOL

I'll pop in for an end of the night report tonight...
Take care.

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