Tuesday, January 19, 2010


BG [CGM]: 79

I've started my task of finding an educator for my kids. Actually, I restarted my task... I did try last fall and didn't succeed. All of a sudden, Matt is getting ready and has a tentative date for Basic Training [if he passes all the interview requirements]. It's becoming a reality before my very eyes. :D And that means getting to the nitty-gritty. First and foremost--EDUCATE THE KIDS.

After that... I don't know. Pray. Lots of prayer and preparation. I guess I'm getting a little nervous. Not for me! I think my diabetes will be closer to the bottom...okay middle, of the concern list. My pump and CGMS has really helped me even out and feel more confident.

The changes will be intense, but I think the adventure of starting something new is also exciting. You know me! Itchy feet! I've already lived in seven different states, four of those after I was married. The hardest part of the new venture will be the separation. Let's not ignore the elephant, right? Matt is a buffer in this house. He's the peacemaker [except for when we're fighting. ;-) haha] and most times, the fun instigator.

I think when people hear me say, "This will be exciting," they must think I don't really understand what's to come. But I don't agree. I have an imagination that rivals any great author's, one that helps me see the worst. Fortunately, Matt and I aren't willing to cowtow to the fear.

Ignorance isn't bliss, that's fake.
Knowing the risk, trusting God and jumping anyway... phew. That's the thrill of life.


phonelady said...

I could not agree more and I hope everything goes the way you want and hope for the best .

Amy said...

WOW... sounds like some big changes coming for you! Exciting stuff!