Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bolus Delivery

BG: 53
CGM: 55 <-- do you see what I mean about a working transmitter and decent freaking trends? LOL :D I think I'm lucky because my trending is so even keel. Except for the occasional spike or dip, my BGs roll, meaning even when I rise, I usually take some time to do it. When I go low, same thing... That helps the CGM readings stay closer to BG levels. Anyhoo. I'm eating too much at bedtime. I need to eat too much, I should say. Not sure how to mess with my doses, just yet, but for sure, I'll be lowering some dinner time basals.

I wanted to touch on my Bolus Delivery. I love my pump, you know that. It has three different delivery types for whenever I eat. A normal gives me my entire dose at one time. A square gives me the dose over a period of X minutes. And the dual delivers both--normal and square. I've learned to LOVE this feature. High fat foots do not allow sugars to be absorbed as easily, so I know eating a steak or a couple peices of pizza are going to give me more of a spike later. And wahlah! now I can take a square bolus and get insulin coverage for a longer period of time.

I'll have to do some research and questioning when I see my MM rep next Friday, because I was thinking tonight... if I use a square bolus for my bagel, will that allow me to cover my food without going too much lower than I already am? Do you see what I mean? I don't want to eat an entire bagel adn NOT bolus, but when my sugar gets this low, I hate to bolus at all until I feel better.

I'm tired though. and ready for bed... and I know that I ate enough, because not only did I eat that bagel that I square bolused for, I drank a glass of orange juice[<--the other reason I dont' want to go to bed without bolusing. High alert in another hour!!] Well, thanks for listenign to be ramble tonight.
Have a great day tomorrow.
With Love,

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Ramble ? you never . I love it .