Tuesday, January 26, 2010


BG[CGM]: 89 -- new transmitter has made a WORLD of difference. :D I'm keeping up my 15 minutes of exercise a day. And overall, I can't complain about how diabetes is treating me. Life is good.

Last night I sat down to watch Castle with my hubby. A short 60 minute program on ABC. I say short, because you know how those networks are always cutting a minute from the front and back of the hour. You know what was worse? Seven, yes SEVEN commercial breaks, three at five minutes long and four at about 2-3 minutes. I went to bed just plain discouraged. What is the world coming to? Twenty years ago, I would watch an hour episode of Macgyver and actually watch 48 minutes of programming. Today, we're lucky to get thirty-five minutes. 35!!!

Being so disgusted last night, I was blessed to witness something today. While shopping at my local Aldi store for the weekly shopping, I got in line and saw a woman. I didn't notice she was upset at first. Then, as I moved closer, I heard the cashier telling her that the man in line after her had paid for her groceries while she had stepped aside to call someone because her card wasn't working. The woman looked confused at first, and the cashier had to repeat herself. As I finished being rung up, the woman was on her cell phone and she was crying--probably because an angel had visited her. I was really touched and I imagine that she was too.

My point is, sometimes when I can't figure out what the world is coming to, God shows me.
Have a great week.

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phonelady said...

hey you no fair , I started watching castle and fell asleep . good job on the exercise though . talk to you soon.