Friday, April 2, 2010

How do I know I have allergies?

BG[CGM]: 121

I know I have allergies--and not some kind of cold--because my sugars have not gone up and stayed there. Being sick will do that, send those sugars up. I've been even keel though even though this AWFUL congestion, which I can't sleep through!! I NEED SLEEP! I need naps! I want to be able to breathe!

Can't wait until next week, I'll get my blood word back. I've got another A1C result to look at. Last one was a 5.8. I'm curious to see how it has changed, if it's changed.

Thank God for normal sugars. That's something, anyway, don't you think? :D
Happy Easter, if I don't get on before then.


phonelady said...

happy easter hunny bunny .I am so busy getting ready to move .

Becca said...

That's funny because that's how I decided I had allergies and not a cold too. :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ug. Allergies suck. Sorry they are bugging you so much. Going without good sleep makes everything harder!