Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A day late...

BG[CGM]: 94

I just can't keep up. Seriously. I'm always a day late on this D-blogging stuff. I did hear about an 'event' this week... a blogging event. I'm going to assume there are different themes for each day. I don't know how people do it--keep up with what everyone else is doing. :D LOL

Anyhoo... Kerri is talking about low glucose kits of today and the past--but mostly the past. I too remember the chalky tablets, and I've had my share of glucagon injections [but those came a little later in life when my hormones ruled everything about my life and my husband was already taking on a task that he probably would never have asked for if he'd really known about it beforehand]. Okay, I value myself more than that... still, I wonder if he ever wondered what he was getting himself into.

What I remember MOST as a kid were the nights my parents would shove a tube of decorating frosting into my mouth, bits at a time. I understand why they had to do it. I wouldn't hold a cup of juice. I couldn't chew or even hardly swallow. But that frosting would just get absorbed into my body as soon as it hit my mouth, eventually most of it going down my throat. I hated it. I hated waking up with blue everywhere... But that was the life, you know?

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Becca said...

My dentist told me they keep little frosting tubes to put under people's tongues if anyone has a low there.

I am trying to read all the blogs and pick new ones to subscribe to this week - who knew there were so many awesome people out there?! :)