Friday, May 14, 2010

Leg Abuse

BG[CGM]: 95

After some discussion on tudiabetes, I was surprised to find that people are wearing their CGMS sensor and transmitter combos on their legs and even their arms!! *Gasp* I know!! So, I took a leap today and went with my leg.

So far so good. I did have one moment when I ran into the short counter in my kitchen and rapped the transmitter. OUCH! It ended up causes some pain and a WEAK signal, which shot me over to the Start screen, but I'd just experienced that with a previous sensor so I sorta knew what to expect.

The only thing I'm having trouble with right now is finding a place to hang my pump with maternity clothes on. Pants are just not the same without a waistband! I have several of the variety that are soft in front with a regular waist on the back, but there's a new variety on the market since I was pregnant five years ago...

SOFT ALL THE WAY AROUND! It's like a band of stretch material that goes around your belly. It's going to be an interesting hurdle.

Well, take care out there.


phonelady said...

well knowing you i know you will find a way . you are totally awesome yeah things change especially maternity clothes . they used to be so ugly when i was preggers 20 yrs ago . but now they are so cute .

Bethanne said...

Thanks Lady! I hear ya on the ugly clothes. I can't complain as much as my mom, but it does seem like they keep coming out with cooler and cooler clothes for the pregnant set. :D