Monday, May 3, 2010

Lots of Blood Work

BG: 78

I met my new OB/GYN last week. I was extremely pleased with the visit. Dr. Rodrigo inspired confidence by making me comfortable. He addressed my concerns all the while confirming that he knew what he was doing. Since I've done this a few times, it was nice to hear him speak of things of which I am familiar. And even better news, he's okay with going for a natural [and by natural, I mean vaginal] delivery, IF everything is still honky-dory at that point in the pregnancy. So, that's my goal... to keep things going smoothly as much as is possible and in my hands. Which reminds me, this week: get blood work taken care of. An ungodly amount of baseline bloodwork. Whooppee!

When it comes down to it though, if that can't happen, I'll be pleased to have Dr. Rodrigo in charge of cutting me open. :D

Have I lost anyone yet? hahaha.

Diabetes plays a role in my life, no matter what. My sugars have been keen for the last few weeks. I'm quite happy with them, even though I've been quite unhappy with my CGMS. It works well for what it's guarantees...and I guess I shouldn't ask more than that except for when I hear Kerri Sparling's delivery story and she says that she had to remove her CGM prior to the C-section...and the removal was on day FIFTEEN!!! Why does she get fifteen days... IN HER LEG?! If I put my CGM anywhere besides my abdomen, sides and part of the back, I no longer have that guarantee. So SUCKY! The longest I've pulled from a Minimed sensor is 6 days, but by then, it was starting to itch and irritate under all that irritating tape.

So, I have to think back to why I chose the Minimed over the Dexcom--thank God for Blogger. And I remember, I really wanted the integrated system. I was more comfortable on the Minimed than the Dexcom after trying both of them. I still love that about the Minimed. But I'll tell you something, when the warranty is up on this Minimed, if Dexcom and Animas FINALLY have a system set up together, I'll be looking to make some more comparisons. I'll be looking for that pie in the sky. ;-)

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phonelady said...

so glad you like your dr that is awesome . so glad all is progressing well also .