Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nursing School

BG[meter]: 86
BG[CGM]: Sensor Error *shrug* I don't know. I just started the damn thing over again, and hope for a better run. I am on day 4, so calling the company would be pointless. Their sensors are tested for a 3 day run, no more. Anymore finagling is up to me.

After reading Holly's blog today, I got to thinking about when I was diagnosed and the upheaval/emotional rollercoaster it put into motion. Oh, I wouldn't ever look back and call it upheaval. I definitely remember ups and downs. I can easily commiserate with other d-bloggers who share my experience, but overall I had a pretty happy childhood.

Hind sight being 20/20, now that I've touched the d-community online, I can see how I missed out on sharing my disease, sharing who I was with people who really understood. No one really gets it unless they get it... you know? All the books in the world [like, I am not my Illness, which I never did read. Sorry Mom!] are not going to make a person feel less alone. God helps in that instance, but God also gave us to us...he gave us community, family, church, knowing that in our humanity we would need other people.

I had a lot of people in my life to support me and love me. I just didn't have diabetes people. I never did get to a diabetes camp. Hmm. Maybe I'm forgetting something. I do remember a gal in high school who had diabetes, but I went to a LARGE high school, and we never really connected. My neighbor friend was diagnosed with diabetes, but we moved. Pfft.

Now, I have my husband Matt who understands me when my disease is front and center. When my facial expressions are just a hair off because my sugars have dropped or my pump is beeping at me because my sugar is high. He keeps up with the new stuff and is interested in keeping me working correctly. It's like we were made one... oh that's right. We were. :D

Wow, there was a time, I never would have even admitted high sugars existed. I'm one of those people who didn't understand that it wasn't my fault. I would fudge logs, lie about numbers when asked... [it's amazing that I can't remember having any A1c's over 8 in my adult lifetime] Highs happen, even when I do everything right. It's freeing to admit that, and oddly enough it makes the highs that ARE my fault [forgetting to bolus, overeating] easier to be accountable for.


phonelady said...

yes highs and lows occur even when you are doing everything right .

Joanne said...

What antibiotic do you use for strep, and does it affect your numbers? We're having a better time with the SF stuff, but it still makes her BG a bit high.

BTW, I see you're pregnant... congrats! I'm due about two months before you are with a little boy.

I just added an adult T1 list on my blog, mind if I add you?