Saturday, August 1, 2009

Joslin Clinic

I've been thinking about them since yesterday when I saw that Kerri Sparling had mentioned them. I visited the clinic when I was an older teenager, but then college came and went and I got married... you know the drill. Now, I'm 32 and I'm thinking about them again.

I wonder if one of the benefits of using Joslin is consistency of care.
I know this sounds bad, but when I go to a new doctor--and I've done that several times in the past ten years--I always reserve judgement. I don't doubt that a doctor wants what's best for me [usually], but I also find that unless a doctor is specialized in Type I, they can be guessing OR learning, just like I am. I would love some consistency. I just learned that there is a Joslin Clinic in Peoria, IL. It's possible I knew this.... but I don't think so. And it's up to me to be aware. I could have requested a consult through my doctor that would have been insurance approved. Now... I don't know. We're moving. I'm not starting any new relationships--personal or otherwise.

Ack. Health Care... We're on the verge of something different. I'm worried about places like Joslin. What will become of them if the government is suddenly in charge of everyone's medical and mental well-being? Big worries...

Crazy BGs again today. NOT HAPPY! :(

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