Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day is Coming

BG: 73

I love chocolate. Really love it likes it's the best thing that ever came from a bean.... well, no. Second to coffee. Or even better, coffee and chocolate together. The two best beans EVER!

...and I'm a diabetic. So I take it in small doses--usually.

Is Valentine's Day hard for me? No. I think holidays like this probably used to stink. I grew up in the if-you-eat-that-you'll-die era. My parents were probably on the easy-going side. I remember a gal who lived with military strictness in regard to her diabetes. Eeek.

Nowadays, when I look at chocolate, I see fat--not high blood sugars. And that's enough for me to steer clear.

Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday for me because I'm married to the love of my life and have four beautiful children whom I love.... I can't beat that. We're going to all see a movie that day, come home for dinner, then [apparently] Matt has a Yummy Surprise for everyone. Hmm. I wonder!!! :D

Enjoy your weekend.
Have a wonderful Loved-filled Holiday.


Sadako said...

:) Happy V day to ya!

phonelady said...

that is so nice and happy v day to you .