Wednesday, February 10, 2010


BG[CGM]: 119
BG: 144

I read the About page on the page, a company that makes medic alert tags and some other helpful stuff for diabetics. The woman who owns the company is a mother of three. She has a sister with Type I diabetes, a son who was diagnosed at 13 months and another son diagnosed later. CRAZY!

Does this worry me? Yes. It does. I hate to think the people I love will have to deal with the same stuff I do... on the other hand, better my kids than some unsuspecting fool! Right? Could I be a help? Would it just be one more parental chain around a growing kid's neck?

Maybe, maybe not. Diabetes is a rough road--and I know at least one of my kids who would think he had died if he couldn't eat sweets whenever he wanted to [knock on wood]--not that I let him now... haha.

I realize God knows how much we can handle, but in my human frailty, I would question his accuracy if that did happen.

Tricky disease stay away from mine!

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phonelady said...

Oh most definately the big d would be defined as a tricky disease and we have our magic bags right ? or maybe at least we think we do .