Friday, February 26, 2010


BG[CGM]: 54 -- had a glass of juice

One of the greatest things about having a pump has been the ability to NOT eat. Fasting is a common factor for me and my faith. Even without diabetes, I've never been an AVID faster, but there are during lent when fasting is something I'd like to be able to do. As a diabetic, I'm not obligated. There are always exceptions for example, being pregnant.

As a pumper, I feel I have the freedom for fasting.
Which takes me back to those days when I first got the Minimed insulin pump. I must have lost about 20 pounds in those first months. My eating habits changed unbelievably. Late night snacks, gone. It was a different world for me. The allowance of some simple sugared foods that before I had avoided or ate with much guilt also brought liberation. Seriously big changes for me.

Now, most of the dieting I do, I do in order to stay healthy and maintain an ideal weight. *thumbsup* AND, I can fast if I want to. :)

Thanks Dean Kamen, you totally made my day when you invented the insulin pump--the Segway PT isn't too bad, either. :D


phonelady said...

I totally agree the segway aint bad either LOL !!!

Sadako said...

I still want a segway!