Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Roller Coaster Trips

BG[CGM]: 163

Travelled to Michigan this weekend. We are so blessed! The weather was FABULOUS. We left our hometown drenched in a freezing rain, drove two hours to sunshine and dry roads. Enjoyed a clear weekend with friends and family, then came home only to drive straight back into blizzard-like weather. :P I shoveled the drive this morning. 30 minutes of hard work.

One thing, though. I've never had so much trouble with my diabetes on a road trip! When I upload my pump and sensor data to my computer it's going to be like an awesome Cedar Point roller coaster! Up and down, never stopping. Ugh! I'm still on the high end today and that is irritating me even more because I'm eating normal, I'm doing normal activities... where's the love?!

Couple of things. Food. I didn't eat well over the weekend. I felt enlightened after watching my friend's husband make his own beer. He started the process by boiling wheat...then adding hops and malt and coriander and...the best, some kind of cornsyrup!

First things first, this was the best beer I've ever tasted. I enjoyed a glass from his previous brew and it was rich. So rich. So yummy. Thick... and after watching him make it, I added about thirty more carbs for that glass. :D When I drink, I usually go for the light beer. And now I'm curious how they make the light beer. I'll have to put in a request!

So, anyway Pizza at the Superbowl party. Another yum.
It was an incredibly eating weekend. I enjoyed myself, enjoyed the company...and need to do extra workouts this week to make up for it. Next time, we'll have to visit on a NON-occasion weekend. Maybe that will help, eh?

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phonelady said...

wow sounds like you have had a hard time . Hope things get better soon .