Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Posts

BG[CGM]: 177 and trending down. Panera Bread day at Church makes for a very carb-ridden lunch. :D

I've found a simple routine. Posting on Sundays. Though there are times I fret that I can't get into my blogger account to do more, I just can't do too much more!! :)

What's going on in Diabetesworld today?
Though it isn't said when the study was done, success was met for a small trial of an Artificial Pancreas. READ HERE. The article mentions the AP is comprised of a glucose monitor [inserted directly into the vein], insulin pump and use of both hormones, insulin and glucagon. It's an interesting read as it talks about how to make something absolutely personal universal. Though they are able to adust the parameters of the APs function so that the test group as a whole resulted in no hypoglycemia, it does mention that a percent of the group was settling for blood sugars that were slightly higher than the original rate i.e. the rate that cause some of the group to experience hypoglycemic reactions. So the question is... is that satisfactory?

They want to combine this new technology with the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. Which brings me to another topic. Do they really think the CGM is good enough? Lately, I'm having some doubts that it would be accurate enough to regulate my body without human interaction. Yes, the sensor has been good for me. Yes it helps me see trends, but unless that sensor is in a frickin' vein, it's not enough for me to treat myself. Usually, and this is expected so I'm not complaining, my sugars are already high when the CGM senses the trend up. And I'm pretty darn low when it starts sensing the trend down. Likewise, coming up from that low happens much more quickly than the CGM senses so that I'm often getting alarms when I'm already over 100. CGMS is for the BIG PICTURE, and because of it, my sugars are tighter and my A1C is below six. But that not saying it is all that helpful for warnings... or determing the need for glucagon and/or insulin. I don't know. Show me more!! I'm interested!

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