Saturday, April 10, 2010

Customer Service

BG[CGM]: 77
BG[meter]: 148, Don't F with me, customer service representative!!!! I KNOW when my sensor is OFF--and by OFF, I do mean NOT SENSING CORRECTLY.

Okay, I feel a little like swearing right now. Grrr. I just spent 20 minutes on the phone with a telemarketing bimbo. Seriously, she was THE WORST employee of Minimed I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. I wanted to jump through the phone and kick her ass all the way to Taiwan. It was alot like talking to the ATT representative we occasionally need to call and ream a knew one because they have overcharged our bill...again. That's how irritated I was.

I told her my sensor wasn't following with my sugars. That it had been reading in the 70's since 3am. I told her I calibrated at 6am. I told her that when my sugar rose after breakfast, the sensor stayed in the 70's. Do you want to know what she said?

"The sensor is meant to trend with your sugars."

You're kidding me, right? That's the F what I'm saying!! But it's NOT DOING THAT! This was after a very long drawn out conversation about all that had happened that morning... how my calibration at 11:30 was a BAD calibration because it was a low sugar.

So what? My problem started LONG before 11am. You can't blame an 11am calibration--one made in utter frustration--for all the problems that happened prior to it. Besides which.... a 48 isn't necessarily a BAD calibration. She ASSUMED that because the sugar was 48, it was unstable. That's what the book says, on a stable meter reading. It doesn't say, a meter reading between 70-120. IF my suagar had been in the fifties for more than an hour that would be pretty darn stable. NOT ideal, but stable.

I finally told her I was going to fly to California so I could kick her ass....

Actually no. I told her I was going to hang up the phone now, that I was getting too angry to keep talking to her. That I would track my sensor and meter readings through the afternoon and call again later. AND NOT TALK TO HER!

The technology isn't perfect, but I know it can work well. I'm smart enough to realize when something is not quite right.

On a brighter note, did I tell you my April A1c was 5.8! :D


Dawn Hullender said...

Woooo, you go girl. I hate it when you call for assistance and end up with someone who doesn't speak or understand good english.

I share your frustration. I'm dealing with an insurance company problem of my own right now and the phone calls are never pleasant.

phonelady said...

hey hey I got your letter and was going to write you back and you forgot to put what city you are in ? LOL !! that was awesome news at the bottom . How does matt feel about it ? let me know . Have a great day and an awesome weekend .

Scott K. Johnson said...

I hate fighting with customer service folks who just don't seem to get it. It is SO FRUSTRATING!