Monday, April 12, 2010

One More

BG[CGM]: 123

Official Test Results are IN.
Darla is on the Way.

Click for TWO PINK LINES... and a little country music smile.

I'm sharing here, but I've also set up a blog just for baby and pregnancy talk. I'm pretty easy going since I've done this a few times--four actually. I'm looking for a good doctor, and expect that won't take too long. I'm watching my sugars closely, have been for a good while. With two 5.8 HbA1c results in a row, I'm actually looking forward to this. Not that it isn't a surprise! Cuz it is! I didn't realize how comfortable I'd gotten with my life until this popped up. Now I'm like... wow, I thought I was done!!! I really thought I was through with baby stuff and all that. YIKES! I'm not done with it. Um... I better stop thinking about it now.


Dawn Hullender said...

Congrats! Woohooo!

Amy said...

OMG'sh!!! WOW! Very excited for you!!!'re going to do great!!!

phonelady said...

Im so happy for you and you already got a name picked out . what if it is not a darla and turns out to be a darrel ? LOL just kidding .

Scott K. Johnson said...