Thursday, October 8, 2009

Diabetes Forums

I got a funny feeling last night.
After days of not visiting a diabetes forum, I tried to get in and couldn't. The message notified me that I did not have access to this page, which I thought was strange. I'm not an obssessive frequenter there, but I like to go in occasionally, see how people are doing, hear what's new, ask a question.

I'll go back at least a few days....
I was there and popped into a discussion where someone was bashing Minimed for their lousy product. Apparently, he had trouble with the canula on his infusion set. This is bad. This is very bad for a diabetic. He fell asleep and went into ketoacidosis, and of course, he mentioned the thousands of dollars he had to pay for a hospital bill, etc. It's a sad, almost tragic story. And sure, MM is to blame for that malfunction. But he called it "bad form"... and I'm sorry, I just don't see that. It's tiring, hearing sob stories... do something about it, do something about the issue then [reasonably] understand that bashing a company probably is BAD FORM. This guy is more than welcome to NOT use Minimed. I can understand how he would be uncomfortable using the product. It takes trust...

But I want to hear the rest of the story. Did he contact the company? He should have gotten his money back. Did they call him an idiot and say screw you? [I doubt it.] Right now, he's just a ranting, disgruntled guy on a smear campaign.

I mean, if you go to bed and your sugar's really high already, why not bolus a correction and wait an hour? Check again... if your sugar hasn't lowered in an hour or two, you might want to change your site, change your stuff. This exact thing happened to me once and I spent an entire day fighting to get low, not knowing that a large part of the insulin being delivered was not making it under my skin. When I found the tubing was broken off at the reservior top, I remember thinking back to an instance when the pump had gotten caught on something. I mean, it's just tubing. It doesn't have superpowers. It's not titanium... YOU are still responsible for your management.

I offended someone on the boards... I think. That was not my intention.

Some forums are full of angry, know-it-all type of people... some forums, it's hard to get a word in edge wise. Sometimes, it just feels like high school all over again. I do have a problem with having an account/profile in there. I would like to be able to close it....

What can I do now, though? Nothing. And that's okay, too. My conscience is clear... if that matters. I guess it doesn't, especially not to whomever it was I upset. For that, I am sorry. I feel it's better to know and be confronted. UGH. It feels crappy to be in this position.

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