Friday, October 23, 2009


So, I've gotten back into the swing of things, and now I need to start keeping a log of my food intake.

This is going to be TEDIOUS. I've never done this well. Ever. But, I can't go on guessing at this anymore. :) So, I'll start today. But first, I'll buy a really cool notebook and an even cooler, super-duper pen. :D Cuz who doesn't like to buy stationary and stuff to write with??!?!?!

I have a really cool like here, if anyone is interested in being eligible for a FREE CGMS from Minimed. They are giving 25 away to instant winners the first week in November. Then, at the new year, they are picking 25 more to random winners from a drawing of all who sign up. HERE.

It's something to think and read about, in case you are interested. A CGMS is important for T1s and T2s. I actually had a nurse from my doctor's office question me when I told her I checked my sugar a least 8 times a day. She said, "Ooh, honey. I dont' have any patients who check more than four times a day." Um, I don't care. Maybe if they did, they would be less likely to get complications? I even told her I was Type I, thinking she must be thinking I'm II even with my chart sitting right in front of her. The irritating part was, that they sent my last Rx in to the pharmacy wrong. 4x when I stood at their desk and said, 6-8 times a day!!!! Then, the first gal I talked to called the Rx in and she didn't tell them 30 days, she didn't give any number for refills.... so that's when I called and talked to the second lady. I really like my doctor, but I wonder if I would do better with an endocrinologist who deals specifically with Type I diabetes. :P *sigh*

Here's an even crazier story. When my hubby lost his job, we touched on the idea of Medicaid for the kids and possibly me. Cobra is expensive and we knew it was going to be tight. So, we had our Cobra and applied for Medicaid--resentfully, on my part. I was on Medicaid when I was pregnant with a couple of the kids, and I promised myself we would not do that again. I didn't want to... I didn't like it. Well, a couple of weeks ago, we came to the end of our rope and felt we had to cross over and take advantage of it. But then, walah, Matt did a couple of side jobs and we were able to pay for our BCBS coverage again. It hadn't ended yet, either, THANK GOD! So, when a week and a half ago, I called everyone to tell them we were on a new insurance, This week, I'm calling them all back to tell them we aren't. I think I'm going to pull my hair out. Haha. Still, we're the lucky ones that we can squeak by on our BCBS, but also that we have something to fall back on... Most people don't. Most diabetics who aren't covered can't even get on Medicaid or Medicare. It's disheartening. :( It makes me very sad.


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