Thursday, October 22, 2009

End of Day Report

BG: 130
BG [CGM]: 129, it's really accurate. If you are a sucker for accuracy, the Dexcom is a GREAT CHOICE. [i found both the MM and Dex equally accurate (and inaccurate, for that matter) over my trial periods, so I'm not rooting for one over the other--they both have + and -]

Long day today. Sort of an emotionally charged [possibly PMS related, but I'm not saying so] day. :P Had a nice long, much needed discussion [okay, it was a fight] with the husband. It really does clear the air, you know? I always hate it at the time, but without it, we'd be boring... and stagnant... never changing... ew.

Sugars were good, but I think I'll be regulating my basals here soon. Lots of lows after dinner and through the night. Will be good to change that basal...and my dinner bolus, too--possibly.

One good thing today, Matt [and I] scrounged a few more [hundred] dollars up to pay for a couple more months of the health insurance. woohoo... [tiny little sarcasm] It is a good thing. Will be even better when Matt has a full time job. :D Yay God! Get Matt a job that he can enjoy and love. [i don't care if it's a lot to ask...]

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