Monday, October 19, 2009

The Unexpected

Part of being a diabetic is expecting the unexpected. Even upon finding the perfect basal rate with the optimal bolus amount, things can still go awry. Highs, lows... they happen even when I think it shouldn't! I guess that's why I carry sugar and my meter and a card with my name and diagnosis on it. Not to mention the sweetners and gum. Man! Those highs can really make you want something to chew on. :D

Speaking of unexpected, Matt decided he wanted to join the military a couple of months ago. His options are limited in that he has overcome the age limit for both the Marines and Air Force. But, he comes from a Navy family, and wouldn't mind doing the Army either. All that aside, he hasn't closed any doors. He has resumes out with public accounting firms, corporations.... and this week, he applied for a finance position with our local Harley Davidson dealer.

Sooo, when I was online at Medtronic today, I thought, 'what the hell. Let's see what's going on over at the career page.' They are also looking for a tax accountant. So, now he's got an opportunity there, as well....

...and I'm thinking of all the stuff I could get in on from the get-go!!! LOL *sigh* It's a long shot [meaning, that he would take another corporate job], but hey, you never know. An unexpected opening to something new.

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