Thursday, August 27, 2009


Just a note tied in from yesterday's post.
I had a lunch time BG of 63 and ate an apple and two of the bratwurst with saurkraut.
3pm and my BG is 289. I'm thinking my basal needs to be adjusted. Or, does anyone else experience high blood sugars after going to the dentist? I've noticed that pattern, but I lean toward thinking it has something to do with my routine...

Anyway, on a more celebratory note, I had a dentist appointment today. Whoot! Still cavity FREE! 33 years and not a single cavity in this mouth. Yay! Is that the diabetes or the genes talking? I don't know, but apparently, I have strong teeth.

mom and tom

Another good day, except for the late afternoon high. One more day of that and I'm changing that basal... or squaring a bolus might work if I'm having that much protein... anyway, lots of options.

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