Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Infusion Site

Had a bad one today. Frustrating because I just changed the darn thing a day or two ago. I know, change them every three days, but still...that's an entire day!!! And I just had to pay CASH for a box of the darn things.

I'll admit, I go as long as I can on one site. And by that, I mean, 4 days. Sometimes five if I'm busy and forget. It's hard to forget, for me, anyway. It can get irritated and the tape wears off... especially during the summer. Vigorous activity, sweaty bodies...

you know.

So, a couple of highs this afternoon. I hate those kind because you think it might be something else, you cover, then an hour later, still feeling as crappy as that feels, you're no lower. BGs still up over 250. Ugh.

Matt's coming home tonight. I'm so happy! He's was only gone today, but I thought he would be staying overnight tonight. Nope! :D Lucky me.

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