Saturday, August 8, 2009


I've been watching my diet.
okay, when am I not watching my diet, right?
But this is a weight thing again, and I really want to lose a few more.
So, I was trying to start my day off right. A banana, yogurt, toast. Something simple, convenient. Well, it doesn't work. Even with a decent lunch, I'm STARVING by mid afternoon.
New plan: more protein... less convenient, less simple. *sigh*

At a friend's house last night, I was able to enjoy myself with some good food and drinks. I'm making a comment on it because there's always that worry that the alcohol will mess with my perceptions, but I drank slowly, mixing it with glasses of water and some light snacks. I was too buzzy to drive home, but that was more a caution, so I let a friend drive me home. Thanks, Carrie! I don't think of my diabetes as a bunch of limits. I was diagnosed at 12 so I never had the debate over alcohol that I know lots of people who are diagnosed later in life deal with. I mean, twenty-one and college came, and I drank moderately. I'm 32 now, and I still drink. Only more moderately....

except for that occasional night out with the girls. :D ;-)

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