Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doctor Visit

Had a good visit with my doctor.
He was pleased with my blood work, the 6.5 A1C.

Dr. Baumberger is THE nicest doctor I've ever had for my diabetes...that I can remember.
He's supportive, open to alternatives, always looking for a better way to make diabetes work. I'm not saying I'm into alternative medicine. I'm not. I love tylenol and epidurals... LOL

He was sympathetic to our plight, the job loss, the insurance debacle.
...and he made sure to tell me to say hi to Sean [my son], when I was leaving.

What a nice guy. And he's going green. Whoot! All computerized, even here in the middle of a cornfield. Gotta love it.

Changed my basals last night. Had some weird lows before bedtime and didn't want to go low over night. Am keeping it that way for the time being to see if it helps. I think I'll be calling the minimed rep soon. I'd really like to get this bigger picture painted. The pump remote, the tracking software. I need to get my act together.

The stress is a little high right now. The job hunt is still in full force. The waiting is VERY HARD for me.

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