Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hump Day

Blood Sugars

8:12 pm 84/6oz juice and 2 slices of cheese (~2oz)

4:52 am 135/ .6 units bolused

7:06 am 123

8:06 am 117

9:49 am 80

10:53 am 104/yogurt, 2 bratwurst (trying to go low carb) 3u

1:20 pm 85(too much on the bolus, most likely)

2:09 pm 64/one small plain cake donut

5:00 pm 207/maybe just a different bolus method to cover the high protein...course, I'll have to try it again WITHOUT the donut. *eyeroll*

7:00 pm 128

8:40 pm 133

Wow. This is a really good day. A really good day. AND, I got my exercising in this morning--couple of miles of walking. Yay for me and my pump.

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