Monday, August 24, 2009

End of Day Report

Yesterday was Sunday. Beautiful day. We spent it outside in the yard. AFter our full day outside, we had leftovers for dinner and put The Spy Who Loved Me on the television. First of all, what a whoot, and I made it through about half before crashing... HARD! I was out.

This morning, Matt was telling me about the show he had on PBS featuring spots/parks, I guess in the west. No, not parks. Can't remember. Anyway. Matt said he tried to wake me up. This has a happened a few times, and it sort of jolts me. Matt, my husband of 10 years who I've known for more than 12, who knows when my sugar is low before I do most of the time... just chalks dead sleep up to sleep. I asked him this morning, "It doesn't occur to you to test my sugar?"

"Not at that time of night," he replies.

My first reaction, "What the hell does the time have anything to do with it?"

He thinks for a minute, then shrugs.... I'm like, hello?!?! How long have we been living together? I thought you knew what was going on with me! Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think I'm that hard to wake up. Better to say, if a person is going the effort, I'll wake up. Sooo, if I'm NOT waking up, I would probably check myself.

Funny thing about that...I'm the one sleeping. So, I can't, you know...check my sugar. *eyeroll*
Very irritable today, and Matt's leaving the house for two days to help some people in Indianapolis install new windows. I had to go to Walmart twice to get the right size shorts for Thomas. And on the second visit, the lady was supposed to give me cashback for a return...and I thought she was crediting my card only to find the reciept--after I was home--said, "Cash Tendered."

Uh, I didn't get any cash. WTH? Seriously, I'm too irritated and annoyed to go back tonight, so I'm going to go in the morning. Morning schedule: drip off big kids, get gas, drop off little kid, go home. Call bus garage to figure out Seanny's ride. Pick tomatoes. Do something ALL BY MYSELF!!! I'm going to do something all by myself!!!!!! OMG. OMG. I'm almost glad Matt is gone for a couple of days.

It'll be... AWESOME!

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