Monday, November 30, 2009

Cookies at Christmas

BG: 70

Doing a cookie swap.
So, the question is, what do I make?

How about Cappuccino Crinkles?
Sounds sooooo good, doesn't it?

There's a part of me that feels guilt not making something sugar free. When I was growing up, my diet was always about what I could get sugar free. Holidays and special occasions consisted of the extra stuff... fake oreos, sugar free gummy bears and candy canes. I'm working my way out of that guilt trip. I don't blame anyone for those conceptions, that's just the way diabetes worked twenty years ago. Now, it's different.

My cookbook is wonderful enough to give me nutritional values, so Carb counting is made easy and my insulin doses are USUALLY accurate. My first doctor EVER, Dr. Whalen, always reminded me to give myself a break. Have a cookie on occasion because a rigid mentality would lead to burnout. He was probably right, but I wouldn't know, because I've been giving myself a break for 20 years! Haha. That didn't sound right. anyway, I'm just grateful to him for steering me towards mental health as well as physical health.

Have a great NEW WEEK!
Read something fun.


phonelady said...

hey there girl and you have a good week too and i am currently reading "before you know kindness " by chris bohjalian . he also wrote midwives so if you can pick up a copy of either they are both good .

mseale said...

Dr. Whalen gave me smarties and said they were for girls only and boys got the dum dums... =)