Sunday, November 22, 2009


BG: 130

ICK! Rhino Virus. The common cold. Congestion. Inability to speak.
My suagrs are stable, though. I find that a plus, because in the past, I've always found my sugars high when I was sick.

...maybe my basals really have been that far off for that long. Ugh.

I am taking meds that are not diabetic recommended. Nite Time Cold and Flu. It helps. Thank God, no fevers, just inconvenience. :) AND, I'm starting to feel better.

Travelling to my sister-in-law's this week for Thanksgiving and looking forward to it.
I hope everyone has a blessed holiday full of family and thankgiving.
Today, I'm especially thankful for Sunshine. :D
Take care,

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phonelady said...

god bless and take care .