Sunday, November 29, 2009

Diabetes or Fat?

BG: 114

This morning, my family was fortunate [and blessed] to take part in the annointing of the sick. It was a spur of the moment gesture after Mass that my Hubby thought we could do. Everyone's been under the weather for days and days.

So, I'm sitting there, and my mind drifts to the days when praying for healing seemed like a big deal. [Not saying it isn't, btw] But when I get to the bottom line, I start comparing....

Would you rather be Diabetic or Fat?

Well, Diabetic, thank you very much. I'm not about to make any deals with God over this disease, that's for sure. It can be a pain, but it's not the end of the world. There are worse things in life than Diabetes--like child abuse or cancer or loneliness....

So, I prayed for healing today. Prayed that God would clear my sinuses, clear my kids' sinuses, and get my hubby a job [that's a kind of healing too, if you ask me :D].

I'd love to know, what would you trade for your Diabetes?

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phonelady said...

I think I would trade everything in the world except my husband and famiiy for it .